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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tip: How to Raise an Affectionate Puggle

The nice thing about having a relatively small dog like a puggle is that you can pick them up and carry them around with you.

But in order to have a puggle that likes being held, you have to begin holding and carrying him or her from their earliest days as a puppy. If you hold them and carry them on a regular basis, you'll raise a puggle that loves to be held and cradled like an infant!

Another good habit to get your puggle used to is spending time in their crate. Often, a puggle owner will let the puppy wander around the house freely, but later in the puggle's life will begin to put them into the crate overnight or during the day.

I don't recommend leaving any dog in their crate for long periods of time, or for hours every day. It can be too easy to relegate a dog to the crate when your life gets too hectic, and this is extremely unfair to the dog, who has energy and wants affection and playtime.

That said, if you accustom your puggle to spending some time in their crate, they'll come to see it as their own spot; a place of safety, comfort and security, where they'll spend time without much complaint should the need arise either for travel or if there's a lot of campany in the house!