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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jackpot - Front Row Viewing!

Jackpot has tuned in to The Dog Whisperer's Cesar Millan!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Helen writes in from Scotland:

"Rizzo is now a year old. I love her playful and mischievous nature. Best thing I have done was buying her."

Thank you, Rizzo!  You look like you are getting ready to find a great hiding place for that rawhide!


Jackpot looks nice and cozy on her bed.   Wonder what she could be dreaming about?  I bet 'visions of sugarplums' are dancing in her head!

Veta, Jackpot's lucky owner, wrote:

Jackpot is a female that I found in our parking garage at work. She was four months old. She is now 11 months old. Loves to play with people, all types of dogs and her stuffed toys. She loves walking, running and napping on my pillows. 
Very loveable puppy.

Wonderful, Veta!  Looks like you hit the Jackpot with your puggle!


What an adorable puglet!  Here we have Jessie at 6 months old from the UK - Jessie must be anxiously waiting for Santa to bring a surprise on Christmas.  Thank you for sharing your photo, Nick.

Poinsettias and Puggles

This time of year, you may be tempted to fill your house with this popular and lovely holiday decoration. You may have heard the rumors that poinsettias are fatal to pets if ingested. Lucky for you, this is a myth! Your poinsettias and puggle can co-exist this holiday season.

You might want to keep your poinsettias out of reach of curious canine mouths, because poinsettias can cause mild gastrointestinal irritation such as diarrhea or even vomiting in severe cases. But poinsettias are not toxic to pets. So decorate with this festive and beautiful plant this holiday!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friend of a Puggle...

Alright, so he's not a puggle. But he loves music... check it out!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Solomon, the Puggle From Kentucky

Say hello to Solomon the Puggle!

Solomon's mom, Angela, says he's her best friend, and he's super cute! Thanks for checking in guys!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Puggle Chasing Treats

Funny video of a Puggle named Jagger from Ohio, chasing treats around the kitchen like a maniac! Thanks Siobhan!

Theo the Puggle

Thanks Neill for this awesome photo of your buddy Theo!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Update: Rider and Riley, Puggle Brothers from PA!

Our friends Rider and Riley, the handsome Puggle brothers with the cool black coats, are now two years old! They recently spent their third Christmas together. Here they are taking a break from romping around the Christmas tree.

Thanks to Rider and Riley's family for the update!!

New Puggle Video!

Here's a new video of a sleeping Puggle named Jagger! You can see he's in some kind of doggy dream for a while, then he wakes up. Pretty funny stuff!

Happy New Year from your Puggle Friends!

As a special treat for the New Year, we'd like to introduce you to a very good friend of ours named Hendrix the Puggle. Hendrix is a cute and friendly little puggle pup, but the last time we heard from him, he wasn't feeling very well. Hope you're feeling better, Hendrix!!

Rider the Puggle

Rider is a fantastic Puggle from Pennsylvania! Named after Catasauqua Rough Riders, Rider is a cool looking Puggle because his coat is all black! Very cool!

Rider and his brother Riley "go crazy and wrestle constantly" whenever they get together, and tire out their parents!

Last time we heard from Rider the Puggle, he was being trained to ring a bell whenever he had to go outside. Rider's mom reports that he started ringing the bell on the very first day! Good job buddy!

And thanks for the update!