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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Snuggle with a Puggle

It's well known in the dog world that Puggles tend to be very cuddly and affectionate dogs. Puggles like to be held and will gladly curl up in bed with you at the end of a long day.

One way to ensure that your Puggle will enjoy being held is to carry your Puggle around as a puppy. Pick him or her up a few times a day and just sit in a chair for a few minutes, and you're sure to raise a happy and snuggley Puggle!

But be warned: if your Puggle gets into the habit of sleeping in your bed at night, they might like it so much that sleeping in the crate will no longer be an option!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Puggles at Christmas

Get anything good for Christmas this year? Well if you have any big cardboard boxes left over from your gifts, you've got everything you need for a lot of post-Christmas Puggle fun!

You can mess with your Puggle a little by getting inside a big box and barking at your Puggle. It's hilarious when they try to figure out what's going on.

Then you can poke holes in the top of the box, stick your arms out and run around the house like a... well, like a dude in a box! Your Puggle will LOVE it!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

...and a Happy New Year from All About Puggles!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Celebrity Puggle Owner of the Day

Uma Thurman is a rich and famous Puggle owner!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Puggles and Cats

Will a Puggle get along with a cat?

The short answer is no. But the complete answer depends on whether the Puggle and the feline are raised together from a very young age. This is the best case scenario, and the one most likely to result in a happy friendship between your Puggle and your cat.

However, even this is no guarantee. Puggles are very energetic and playful, and may harass a feline member of the family to the point where it's not a livable situation for the cat. The cat may feel like he or she is being attacked by the Puggle when the Puggle is trying to play, resulting in your Puggle being clawed, or your cat retreating to the garage or basement permanently.

There are exceptions, but generally speaking, cats and Puggles have very different temperaments and ways of handling themselves, and therefore do not make good housemates.

If you already own cats, another thing to consider is that you'll have to spend virtually all of your time raising your Puggle at the expense of interacting with your cats. You'll probably see a lot less of your cats.

A Puggle introduced into a house full of cats will certainly change the dynamic of your living situation; to what extent this change will be negative depends on the temperaments of your Puggle and your cat!


Greenies are green dog treats that are nutritious and beneficial for your Puggle's teeth. They freshen breath, remove plaque, and are shaped like little toothbrushes, which can only help.

The problem that some Puggle owners are finding with these delicious Greenies is that their Puggles love them so much, they eat them too quickly and then get sick. There have even been some reports that when Puggles devour these treats too quickly, they may cause serious trauma in their digestive tracts, or even death!

I have stopped giving my Puggle Greenies, because for me, it's just not worth the risk. For the dental health of your Puggle, any kind of hard dog bone helps, along with regular brushing!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Celebrity Puggle Owner of the Day

James Gandolfini.
That's right, the Sopranos tough guy himself, Tony Soprano, is the proud owner of a Puggle!

"Everyone is clawing for them, it's ridiculous," said Brian Incovaia of Metro Puppy Kennels in Forest Hills, Queens. "I get people calling left and right for them, and basically you get the equivalent of breeding a Marc Jacobs bag with a Louis Vuitton."

I wonder what Paulie and Silvio would have to say about this...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Puggle Reminder

Chocolate is bad for dogs and will make your Puggle very sick! Puggles aren't equipped to handle chocolate. If you suspect that your Puggle has gotten into chocolate accidentally, call your vet immediately!

Sleeping Puggle

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All About Puggles

Monday, December 18, 2006

Puggle Quiz

You want to give something to your Puggle to chew on. The safest choice would be:

a) A raw chicken neck
b) The steak bone leftover from dinner at the Outback
c) Dad’s Armani loafers
d) rawhide
e) A large cow leg bone

It's A., the raw chicken neck! A few inches of fresh raw chicken neck is great for a Puggle's dental health, and they'll love the taste. Mmmmm, delicious!

Puggle Puppy

More Pug or More Beagle?

Puggles have the face of a pug and the strengths of the beagle breed, like intelligence and the spectacular ability to track by scent!

Puggles are amazing guard dogs, which is another throwback to their beagle forebears. There have been numerous occasions where a black bear has been outside my house in the country, and without fail, if that bear comes within 50 feet of the house, my puggle goes crazy! And so I know I better be careful if I have to go outside.

It really works without fail, she just flips out if there's anything she doesn't recognize in the vicinity of the house.

Puggles rule!

Choosing a Cool Name for Your Puggle

Choosing your puggle's name is one of the best parts about getting a dog. The name should reflect your own personality and passions in life as well as your puggle's personality and appearance.

A great place to find a cool name for your dog is from Greek and Roman mythology. Search on the internet for pages about famous characters from ancient myth and you're sure to come across a few cool names that are suitable for your pet.

Puggles are energetic, attractive and intelligent dogs? When searching for a cool name from mythology, you might do a little research and see which characters were famous for those same attributes!

If you'd really like to find the perfect name for your dog, try searching for books on mythological characters in Greek and Roman history at Amazon.com. Skimming through the Oxford Concise Companion to Classical Literature is sure to reveal some great names, along with brief descriptions of the stories and attributes that made them legendary!

The bottom line is that you need to find a name for your dog that you'll be happy with, and hopefully one that other people will admire and find interesting as well.

So do some reading, have some fun and let the naming begin!

Puggle Personality

Wanna know how Puggles behave, and whether or not your personality will be a good fit for a Puggle?

If so, the best thing you can to is to research the dog breeds that make up a Puggle: the Beagle and the Pug. By discovering the temperaments and attitudes of both the Beagle and the Pug as purebreeds, you'll have some idea as to your future Puggle's personality.

Any character trait of the Beagle or the Pug can be present in their Puggle puppies, in any combination. So if you don't want a dog that has lots of energy, wants lots of playtime and might even give you that Beagle howl once in a while, then maybe the Puggle isn't for you.

Check out Wikipedia articles on both the Pug and the Beagle, and you'll get a pretty good idea of what your Puggle's personality could be like.

Cool T-shirts

Puggles are Clean

Another great thing about puggles: they're really clean animals.

They have a very short coat of fur, and they don't produce that much oil on their skin or hair, so they don't need baths as often as other dogs and they don't smell like dirty dogs. Unless they've been out in the rain or rompin' in the mud or something.

I mean, you should still give them regular baths, but you're not gonna be holding your nose every time your puggle comes into the room if you skip a bath, either.

Pocket Puggle

Here's a little Pocket Puggle, the smaller cousin of the bigger Puggles!

Puggle Recommended Reading

Check out our new list of exclusive books of interest to Puggle owners, all at closeout prices!

AllAboutPuggles Recommended Reading

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Puggle Tip: Puggles at the Vet

Since Puggles are a smaller breed of dog, make sure when your Puggle goes in for his or her shots that the vet only gives ONE shot on any given day! More than one shot in your little Puggle can cause a reaction which can be very unpleasant, or even deadly, for your dog.

A vet gave my Puggle two shots in one day, and she was lethargic and sick for many hours the next day. We had to give her baby aspirin and just wait for her to come around... it was a scary experience. Luckily, she fully recovered within 24 hours. But spare your dog this experience and make sure your vet knows... only one shot per visit!

Puggle Fashion

Dress your Puggle in style this winter! This Puggle is stylin' in a new bomber jacket, and she's lovin' it! Your Puggle may or may not like wearing clothes, but one way to make the experience more comfortable for him or her is to make sure you get the right size jacket!

The Puggle you see pictured here weighs 20.9 pounds and is wearing a Medium jacket, which fits perfectly... but you'll have to experiment with different sizes to figure out which size works for your Puggle.

You can find cool jackets for your Puggle for as little as 10 dollars if you're willing to look around for 'em!

Tip: How to Raise an Affectionate Puggle

The nice thing about having a relatively small dog like a puggle is that you can pick them up and carry them around with you.

But in order to have a puggle that likes being held, you have to begin holding and carrying him or her from their earliest days as a puppy. If you hold them and carry them on a regular basis, you'll raise a puggle that loves to be held and cradled like an infant!

Another good habit to get your puggle used to is spending time in their crate. Often, a puggle owner will let the puppy wander around the house freely, but later in the puggle's life will begin to put them into the crate overnight or during the day.

I don't recommend leaving any dog in their crate for long periods of time, or for hours every day. It can be too easy to relegate a dog to the crate when your life gets too hectic, and this is extremely unfair to the dog, who has energy and wants affection and playtime.

That said, if you accustom your puggle to spending some time in their crate, they'll come to see it as their own spot; a place of safety, comfort and security, where they'll spend time without much complaint should the need arise either for travel or if there's a lot of campany in the house!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Don't Forget About Shelters

You CAN find Puggles in shelters, along with lots of other great dog breeds! The perfect dog for you might be sitting in a shelter right now.

Why not check out the dogs looking for a home at your local shelter on this fine Saturday, maybe saving a dog's life AND hundreds of dollars?

Here's a website that helps animal shelters and humane societies all across the country to advertise their pets for free:

Puggle Puppy

A Puggle puppy to start your day off right.

Puggle Quote

"It's like mixing a Versace bag and a Coach bag together — what do you get? You get the best of both without adding any of the problems."

David Barber, Puggle Breeder

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Puggle Experience

I had an experience with my Puggle recently that made me realize something about this delightful breed of dog.

Though they may be smaller than some other breeds, they make up for it in a fighting spirit. Or maybe it's a spirit of wanting to play rough with any dog they come across, regardless of size.

Either way, I was walking down the street with my Puggle when I hear the jingling of a metal collar, and then a bark. It was a huge golden retriever running at us at breakneck speeds, and he collided with my Puggle. I tried standing between the two of them but they just went at it, and my Puggle put up a good fight!

In fact, I think she may have gotten the better of it before I picked her up and started to leave.

Here's a picture of my Puggle playing with a huge, scary looking bulldog. Now keep in mind, this bulldog has at least 70 pounds on my Puggle. This bulldog is huge. It scares PEOPLE, nevermind Puggles.

They're best friends, even though you'd never guess it from this picture. The bulldog was fine, what a crybaby. Puggles are brave little dogs!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Random Puggle Fact

Puggles are an extremely loyal and energetic breed, always eager to please their owner. They'll always brighten your spirits cause they're always in a good mood. Sometimes, your Puggle will lay flat on his or her stomach and crawl up to you, reaching out and touching you with their paws in an attempt to get you to lighten up and play.

Puggles are awesome!

Puggle Fact

Puggles are small, but they're extremely fast runners. Puggles love to go jogging with their owners, and unless you're insanely fast, you're probably gonna get a pretty good workout trying to keep up.

One thing you need to watch out for when running with your Puggle is stepping on him or her. Sometimes your Puggle might think you're playing, and so rather than running, they might get in your way and slow down in front of you, and if you're going too fast or if you don't notice, you might kick 'em by accident!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Kristine Lewey!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Puggle Puppy

A curious Puggle puppy!

Got Questions About Puggles?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page at AllAboutPuggles!

Celebrity Puggle Owner of the Day

Jake Gyllenhall, the original celebrity Puggle owner!

Puggle Irony

A Puggle hanging out with a beagle. Just add a pug and things would get REALLY weird.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

If it looks like a Puggle, Walks Like a Puggle...

Not all dogs that look like Puggles are true Puggles, with 100% pug and 100% beagle parents. Many breeders are performing "multi-generational breeds," with 25% purebred and 75% purebred parents.

There are both drawbacks and benefits to the multi-generational breeds. Certain traits such as non-shedding or unique fur characteristics may be emphasized in later generations, but the vigor of the breed if lost with each successive generation, too.

So make sure you know the exact pedigree of the dogs from any potential breeder, and check references as well as feedback from past customers. Ask around, and if something doesn't seem right to you, don't hesitate to head for the door. You're doing everyone a favor by not supporting a sketchy breeder!

Celebrity Puggle Owner of the Day

Four time Academy Award nominee Julianne Moore is a proud Puggle owner!

Tips for Keeping Your Puggle Safe

As a Puggle owner, you can't guard against every possible circumstance in which your Puggle might get lost. But you can increase the chances your Puggle will be found and brought home to you again!

The first and most obvious suggestion is to keep your dog's tags on at all times, including your name, address, and telephone number. If you don't have something like this, put it at the top of your list of things to buy. You can get some really nice collars with tags that you and your Puggle will love.

Second, we here at AllAboutPuggles recommend buying a collar that is very bright: neon colors are best. My dog wears a neon orange collar, and as ridiculous as it may sound, it's something you get used to. The neon orange really suits her at this point, and you can see her from a mile away. This protects her from being hit by a car, as it is highly visible even at dusk, and it reflects a car's headlights at night.

And lastly, you may want to look into a microchip for your Puggle. The microchip allows your dog to be identified for life, and cannot be altered or removed. It is injected deep under the skin of your dog, is completely painless, and is so small that it can be inserted by hypodermic needle. My dog has a micropchip, and I highly recommend them, as your dog can be easily and definitively identified for LIFE. Tags can be removed by a thief, but you will always have a connection to your dog through a pet microchip.

Protect Your Puggle!

Puggles aren't like other dogs. Puggles are the hottest thing around! So you need to be extra careful when thinking about leaving your puggle in the front yard to play, or letting your puggle run around without a leash. Somebody might try to steal him or her!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Random Puggle Fact

Puggles are extremely intelligent. When playing games where the object is to trick your puggle, you're going to have to be ON POINT if you hope to continue tricking him or her.

Puggles learn your moves so fast that you need to come up with new ones constantly. If you pretend to throw something in one direction so you can start running away from your puggle in the other direction, enjoy it; that trick will work about twice more, and then your puggle won't so much as LOOK in the other direction when you pretend to throw something.

Puggles have your number, and you need to be really clever to outsmart these dogs... but it's fun trying!

Puggle: A Purebreed?

That's the latest buzz around the American Kennel club and the dog world.

Puggles are bred from purebreed pugs and purebreed beagles, and with the growing popularity of the Puggle as a breed, there's a good chance that our beloved Puggles may finally be given the recognition they deserve, as a pure breed of their own!

Keep checking back for all the latest news on Puggle purebreed status...

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Puggle Puppies!

Everybody loves Puggle Puppies!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Puggle?

Yes, this is a picture of a puggle... In Australia and New Guinea, the babies of the "spiny anteaters" are known as puggles. Weird!

Playing with Puggles

Puggles love to romp and play. One game that you and your puggle will enjoy for hours (if you have the energy) is "The Chase." This is where you get your puggle's attention, and then sprint off as fast as you can down the hall and into other rooms. The longer you can run without your puggle catching you, the more wound up they'll get and the more fun it will be when they finally capture you!

Soon enough, you'll notice that your puggle has learned how to tell when you're about to run. You may freeze, glance at your puggle, and position your body differently just before you sprint off. Your puggle will notice these triggers and come running over to you before you even move! They're THAT smart.

The best part is to trick your puggle into thinking you're not going to run, and then running. You'll know when you really trick them because they'll let out a yelp as they come zipping along after you!

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Random Puggle Fact

Puggles love licking water out of the dishwasher while you put in the dishes.

Katie in the Park

She's On Your Trail

Like puggles, Wirehair Pointers are great tracking dogs!

Get them pigeons, Katie!!

Katie and the Dachsund

Katie Pointing

Hey look, a Construction Cone!!

The Wirehair Pointer

Here at All About Puggles, we sometimes like to feature other cool dog breeds, like this beautiful Wirehair Pointer named Katie!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Walking your Puggle During Hunting Season

You have got to wear flourescent orange and you need to find flourescent orange for your puggle. Simple as that.

There are too many hunting accidents each year due to hunters shooting at anything that moves and isn't bright orange.

Find a neon orange dog vest for your puggle, and use it every time you take him or her outside!

And hey, if you have any newborns in the family, they can always wear it during the off-season.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Dangers of Kennels for Your Puggle

As I've mentioned in the past, my puggle lost her hearing due to an ear infection and the antibiotic that was used to treat that infection.

This type of hearing loss in dogs takes place over a period of days, and if the symptoms of hearing loss are caught in time and you stop giving your puggle the ear medication, he or she can repair the hearing loss over time.

However, when your puggle is in a kennel, the people keeping an eye on the dogs can't pay the same amount of attention to your puggle that you would, and they don't know your dog well enough to notice something like hearing loss.

So if your puggle is on a new kind of medication, or has any other conditions which may require lots of undivided attention, then you MUST avoid kennels at all costs.

They simply don't have the manpower to care for your puggle the way your puggle wants to be cared for!

Some alternatives include:

  • leaving your puggle with friends or family
  • asking your vet if you can delay administering a new medication
  • finding a family that will take a puggle for a short period of time in lieu of a kennel, and making them aware of your puggle's medical needs

There's always an alternative to putting your dog in a kennel, if you're willing to do the research. Your puggle will thank you for it!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Runaway Puggles!

Teaching your puggle not to run away is a process that should start as a puppy.

The mistake most puggle owners make is to follow their puppy when it wanders away. What should actually be done if you want to prevent future run-aways is to let the puppy wander, keeping an eye on him or her but acting as though you're not paying attention.

That way, your puppy will eventually realize that he or she is wandering off, and that it needs to pay attention and stay near you in order not to get lost.

This habit of staying near you rather than wandering off and being followed, when instilled as a baby puggle, is sure to remain throughout that puppy's life. It not only nurtures attentiveness in your dog, but reinforces your status as "pack leader," since they need to follow you and not vice versa!

Recognizing you as pack leader from an early age in this way will promote love and security in your puggle, and will prevent dangerous run-away situations in the future!

Friday, December 1, 2006