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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bozo and Munk-Munk Revisited

Thanks to Kristine from Ohio for these awesome Puggle pictures! The two dogs pictured here are named Bozo and Munk-Munk. Sweet names, Kristine!

Spicy Cinnamon

This puggle is now eleven months old and has filled Caroline's life with sugar and spice and everything nice. Here Cinnamon is 7 or 8 months old and is already showing her personality!
Caroline says about Cinnamon: "She's a very inquisitive dog, and chews on almost everything. Bones, shoes, brushes, chairs." As a puggle owner, Caroline, I certainly can relate to that! My puggle loves her chew toys and whenever we travel, I have to pack her toys. Thank you, Cinnamon and Caroline, for sharing!

Bozo and Munk-Munk Today

We visited with Bozo and Munk-Munk from Ohio back in 2008. Here at All About Puggles we wondered, 'Where are they today, Kristine, and how are they doing?' Well, wonder no more, everyone, because Kristine sent this recent picture of Bozo and Munk-Munk having fun in Ohio. That puggle on the chair looks like she's sitting pretty. Thanks Kristine for the update.