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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Et Tu, Eh Brutus?

Here is a great picture of a baby puggle sent in by Erin. Brutus was just a baby and Erin had the joy of watching Brutus grow up over the past year in to this adorable one-year Puggle:

I'm sure Erin has quite a few good stories about Brutus and the fun she's had with him over the past year. Thanks, Erin, for those great pictures!

Tyson and Barkley

Banker 2727 wrote to us, http://www.allaboutpuggles.com/ , and sent in a pic of these two adorable puggles, Tyson and Barkley. Banker 2727 says, "We've had Tyson since he was 8 weeks old but we just adopted Barkley as a rescue... Life so far is great... ;)" How wonderful for Barkley that he was rescued and how wonderful for Tyson that he has a playmate! Happy New Year to you all, too!