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Friday, December 24, 2010

Cool Christmas Gifts for your Puggle

What could a puggle want besides your love and attention this Christmas?

Well, how about a nice new sweater for those cold winter months, for starters? And maybe one of those fake stockings filled with toys and treats? Any gift that enhances play time with your dog is one they're sure to appreciate.

Here are some suggestions:

A laser pointer. Your puggle will love chasing that light around. You can get some really cool ones now that have a green beam that is so strong, it will actually double as a pointer to constellations. That's right, you can point out stars with these things, no I'm not kidding.

Inflatable Remote control cars. Puggles will go wild trying to figure out what's going on when you drive a small remote control car around the living room. You and the fam will have a blast, and so will your dog! I recommend taking a little fabric to dress the car up to look like an animal. Race that thing out into the living room and let the mayhem begin!

Tennis ball launcher. Here's another one that the dog in the family will appreciate. With one of these devices, you can whip a tennis ball hundreds of feet with minimal effort. Your dog will love this, and they're gonna get completely tuckered out from using it! Plus, you'll have a blast slingshotting tennis balls.

There are so many options for getting your pet a cool gift this Christmas. Being creative about it is half the fun!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Harley Benjamin

After a hard day of playing, Harley is ready for a nap. Sydney shared these photos of his sometimes hyper Harley Benjamin. Sydney says, "He is very hyper at times, but loves to give kisses and snuggle with you while you sleep." Well, Sydney, he looks like he will be ready for more romping after this nap. I can see why you and your family would spoil Harley!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bozo and Munk-Munk Revisited

Thanks to Kristine from Ohio for these awesome Puggle pictures! The two dogs pictured here are named Bozo and Munk-Munk. Sweet names, Kristine!

Spicy Cinnamon

This puggle is now eleven months old and has filled Caroline's life with sugar and spice and everything nice. Here Cinnamon is 7 or 8 months old and is already showing her personality!
Caroline says about Cinnamon: "She's a very inquisitive dog, and chews on almost everything. Bones, shoes, brushes, chairs." As a puggle owner, Caroline, I certainly can relate to that! My puggle loves her chew toys and whenever we travel, I have to pack her toys. Thank you, Cinnamon and Caroline, for sharing!

Bozo and Munk-Munk Today

We visited with Bozo and Munk-Munk from Ohio back in 2008. Here at All About Puggles we wondered, 'Where are they today, Kristine, and how are they doing?' Well, wonder no more, everyone, because Kristine sent this recent picture of Bozo and Munk-Munk having fun in Ohio. That puggle on the chair looks like she's sitting pretty. Thanks Kristine for the update.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alli is All That!

What wonderful companions Puggles can be and in these photos, you can see how much fun they can be, too. Steven wrote in recently about his Puggle, Alli, who is about 13 years old but from this photo (looking a little like Harriet Potter) she could pass for three years old.

Steven had this to say about his Puggle companion, Alli:
"...she is very affectionate, agreeable and loyal member of our family. She loves to cuddle up with us under a blanket and relax."

Steven goes on to say about Alli:

"She even likes to sit up on the couch or lie on her back." Well Steven, it appears that Alli is certainly happy to be in your company! Puggles are such wonderful companions and as you can see with Alli, she can be All That! Thanks so much, Steven and Alli for sharing some of your photos!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cooper in the Pumpkin Patch!

Thanks Paige for the photos and information about your friendly, eager Puggle! I bet Cooper loved romping through the Vermont pumpkin patch! Heres a bit of what Paige wrote about Cooper recently to share with other Puggle owners:

"Last fall, when he was only about 15 weeks old he went on a foliage trip with me and my friends and picked out his own pumpkin which he started to run to the farm stand like he was going to buy it himself.

He makes me laugh each and every day, and I can't imagine my life without Cooper."
Thank you Paige and Cooper for sharing some of your fond memories of your great road trip!

Puggles are such welcomed company, whether it's on a road trip or just sitting at home during a snowstorm! Keep those pictures and stories coming!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Et Tu, Eh Brutus?

Here is a great picture of a baby puggle sent in by Erin. Brutus was just a baby and Erin had the joy of watching Brutus grow up over the past year in to this adorable one-year Puggle:

I'm sure Erin has quite a few good stories about Brutus and the fun she's had with him over the past year. Thanks, Erin, for those great pictures!

Tyson and Barkley

Banker 2727 wrote to us, http://www.allaboutpuggles.com/ , and sent in a pic of these two adorable puggles, Tyson and Barkley. Banker 2727 says, "We've had Tyson since he was 8 weeks old but we just adopted Barkley as a rescue... Life so far is great... ;)" How wonderful for Barkley that he was rescued and how wonderful for Tyson that he has a playmate! Happy New Year to you all, too!