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Monday, December 18, 2006

Choosing a Cool Name for Your Puggle

Choosing your puggle's name is one of the best parts about getting a dog. The name should reflect your own personality and passions in life as well as your puggle's personality and appearance.

A great place to find a cool name for your dog is from Greek and Roman mythology. Search on the internet for pages about famous characters from ancient myth and you're sure to come across a few cool names that are suitable for your pet.

Puggles are energetic, attractive and intelligent dogs? When searching for a cool name from mythology, you might do a little research and see which characters were famous for those same attributes!

If you'd really like to find the perfect name for your dog, try searching for books on mythological characters in Greek and Roman history at Amazon.com. Skimming through the Oxford Concise Companion to Classical Literature is sure to reveal some great names, along with brief descriptions of the stories and attributes that made them legendary!

The bottom line is that you need to find a name for your dog that you'll be happy with, and hopefully one that other people will admire and find interesting as well.

So do some reading, have some fun and let the naming begin!