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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Does Your Puggle Pull on the Leash?

Sometimes Puggles are so excited to go on a walk or chase birds that they pull too hard on the leash, making it hard for them to breathe properly.

A good solution to this issue is equipping your Puggle with a harness rather than a collar. The harness distributes the pressure across your Puggle's chest and shoulders rather than across the delicate neck area.

Another advantage of the harness is that it's more difficult for your Puggle to slip out of it, compared with the relative ease of slipping out of a collar.

Overall, the harness is a better solution for your Puggle than a collar when it comes to leashed walking. Just make sure to remove the harness once you're back in the house, because your Puggle might get too hot with it on, and he or she might even chew it apart if they get sick of wearing it!