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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Puggles and Cats

Will a Puggle get along with a cat?

The short answer is no. But the complete answer depends on whether the Puggle and the feline are raised together from a very young age. This is the best case scenario, and the one most likely to result in a happy friendship between your Puggle and your cat.

However, even this is no guarantee. Puggles are very energetic and playful, and may harass a feline member of the family to the point where it's not a livable situation for the cat. The cat may feel like he or she is being attacked by the Puggle when the Puggle is trying to play, resulting in your Puggle being clawed, or your cat retreating to the garage or basement permanently.

There are exceptions, but generally speaking, cats and Puggles have very different temperaments and ways of handling themselves, and therefore do not make good housemates.

If you already own cats, another thing to consider is that you'll have to spend virtually all of your time raising your Puggle at the expense of interacting with your cats. You'll probably see a lot less of your cats.

A Puggle introduced into a house full of cats will certainly change the dynamic of your living situation; to what extent this change will be negative depends on the temperaments of your Puggle and your cat!