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Friday, December 15, 2006

A Puggle Experience

I had an experience with my Puggle recently that made me realize something about this delightful breed of dog.

Though they may be smaller than some other breeds, they make up for it in a fighting spirit. Or maybe it's a spirit of wanting to play rough with any dog they come across, regardless of size.

Either way, I was walking down the street with my Puggle when I hear the jingling of a metal collar, and then a bark. It was a huge golden retriever running at us at breakneck speeds, and he collided with my Puggle. I tried standing between the two of them but they just went at it, and my Puggle put up a good fight!

In fact, I think she may have gotten the better of it before I picked her up and started to leave.

Here's a picture of my Puggle playing with a huge, scary looking bulldog. Now keep in mind, this bulldog has at least 70 pounds on my Puggle. This bulldog is huge. It scares PEOPLE, nevermind Puggles.

They're best friends, even though you'd never guess it from this picture. The bulldog was fine, what a crybaby. Puggles are brave little dogs!