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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Playing with Puggles

Puggles love to romp and play. One game that you and your puggle will enjoy for hours (if you have the energy) is "The Chase." This is where you get your puggle's attention, and then sprint off as fast as you can down the hall and into other rooms. The longer you can run without your puggle catching you, the more wound up they'll get and the more fun it will be when they finally capture you!

Soon enough, you'll notice that your puggle has learned how to tell when you're about to run. You may freeze, glance at your puggle, and position your body differently just before you sprint off. Your puggle will notice these triggers and come running over to you before you even move! They're THAT smart.

The best part is to trick your puggle into thinking you're not going to run, and then running. You'll know when you really trick them because they'll let out a yelp as they come zipping along after you!