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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Barking at the Food Dish?

Some Puggles will bark at their food bowls, and sometimes even nose them over in order to eat off the floor.

But why is it that some Puggles are more comfortable eating off the floor, away from their food dishes?

My theory is that she learned this behavior as a puppy, when her brothers and sisters would compete for positioning at the food dish. When runts or otherwise "harassed" (for lack of a lighter term) puppies grow up, they often demonstrate an aversion to the food bowl, as this was the scene of some serious contention in their youths!

Sometimes a change in the appearance of the bowl helps, or even a change in height. You might try a new bowl with a new look, or putting the food up on a shoe box. In time, your puppy should learn the routine and become more confortable with her eating situation.

Here's a bowl that could help change the way your Puggle thinks about dinner time. The
Go Fetch Jingle Band Bowl ()
from Petco is unlike any food dish your Puggle has ever seen before, and they certainly won't associate it with any traumatic puppyhood experiences.

Another option that helps to change the height at which your Puggle eats is the
Bowl Buddies Adjustable 2-Quart Double Diner (Extends To 15.5"H)
. This bowl not only raises the level at which your Puggle eats, but it also puts their food and water at a more natural angle to aid in consumption and digestion.