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Friday, January 5, 2007

Training Your Puggle

Puggles are a very "engaging" and energetic breed. They'll want to interact with you physically as much as possible, but when it comes to begging for food or standing and putting their front paws on everyone's legs, you'll want to start training your dog.

Here's a good training exercise that will teach your puggle not to bug you when you're eating, and to "sit and stay" on command.

Ther first thing you'll need is an appetizing dog treat. (As a sidenote, never feed your puggle chocolate, as it can be deadly for dogs.) Next, make your puggle sit. Let them see the food in your left hand, and show them the palm of your right hand as you say in a commanding voice, "Stay!"

Now back up, maintaining eye contact and showing your puggle the palm of your hand as you continue to say "Stay!" Your dog will probably come running after you the first few times, at which point you have to make it very clear that that was wrong. Yell "No, bad!" and give them a light tap on the nose. Make them sit and try it over again until you can walk out of sight without your puggle running over to you until you announce "Come here!"

In time, you'll have an obedient and happy puggle!