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Monday, January 8, 2007

Helpful Hints

Did you know that some medications that are meant to treat an ear infection in your puggle can actually cause deafness?

It's extremely uncommon, but it happened to my puggle. In these cases, it's key that you notice your dog's loss of hearing as soon as it develops, since catching it early can help save your puggle's hearing!

Here are some of the symptoms of hearing loss in your puggle:
  • your puggle appears to be ignoring verbal commands
  • he or she cannot be awoken from a nap without physical contact.
  • your puggle responds to sound but cannot tell where the sound is coming from. -flaps his or her ears excessively.
  • he or she attempts to rub ears with paws.

So get to know your puggle, and you'll be able to spot any problems the minute they develop!