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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alli is All That!

What wonderful companions Puggles can be and in these photos, you can see how much fun they can be, too. Steven wrote in recently about his Puggle, Alli, who is about 13 years old but from this photo (looking a little like Harriet Potter) she could pass for three years old.

Steven had this to say about his Puggle companion, Alli:
"...she is very affectionate, agreeable and loyal member of our family. She loves to cuddle up with us under a blanket and relax."

Steven goes on to say about Alli:

"She even likes to sit up on the couch or lie on her back." Well Steven, it appears that Alli is certainly happy to be in your company! Puggles are such wonderful companions and as you can see with Alli, she can be All That! Thanks so much, Steven and Alli for sharing some of your photos!